A smile on your face

Who’s the daddy, is the latest single from ‘The Reggaskas’.

With an uplifting Reggae/Ska vibe, this song definitely put a smile on your face.

Everybody needs that main figure in their life’s, which can help guide you in the right direction and help give you inspiration. Father figures come in many forms nowadays. For Mike and Steve, brothers who founded The Reggaskas, their father was nothing short of an inspiration. From their earliest and childhoods and throughout their lives – he has delivered a constant message that music has the power to touch hearts and make people smile, even when times seem dark or tough. Mike penned Who’s the Daddy as a tribute to his dad. He hopes that it will bring a smile to listeners’ faces.

The song was written by Mike Bourne, who said “When nothing else can reach us, music can make us smile”.

There is also a music video featuring the band members and random people that join in the fun of the day. The music video was directed by Luke Jeffery’s who has added that fun element about it.

Prefect for Fathers’ day this song is available for download from your online stores, ready for that special day.So help share this song with all your friends and put a smile everyone face.

Song written by Mike Bourne,
Production: Richard Digby Smith from the Music Mill
Mastering: Andy from Super Audio Mastering Ltd
Music Video Director Luke Jeffery’s

Now Available for download from all online stores including iTune.

Who’s the daddy song by The Reggaskas is proud to be the father’s day tune for Balls to Cancer Charity.

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