Video for Waiting

Waiting, the first music video from The Reggaskas.

This week, the Reggaskas headed out to Courtney Park in Newton Abbot to shoot a brand new music video for their song Waiting.

Waiting is a deeply moving ensemble, featuring the haunting vocals of Lizy, set against a backdrop of Fester’s evocative trumpet chords, and a funky reggae beat typical of the band. The lyrics take you to a place we have all been at some point in our lives: waiting in Limbo for someone to call, longing for any little sign to let you know they care. You keep on believing they will be in touch. Even though you friends and your rational mind tell you that you should forget about them and move on, your breaking heart can’t let go.

Though lyricist Mike Bourne claims that the inspiration for the song was drawn from personal experience, it is unlikely that anyone could fail to be moved on a personal level by the feelings and memories the words conjure.

The video for Waiting was shot in black and white, and centres on Lizy, sitting alone on the steps of the abandoned bandstand in the park. This imagery is interspersed with shots of Fester leaning on the bandstand railings, wearing dark glasses and playing his trumpet, as well as scenes featuring Mike ‘waiting’.

Filming began with shots of Mike, walking through the park and sitting on a bench. The morning saw it pour with rain, so his poor little dog got a good soaking, but things brightened up in the afternoon, when it came time to shoot Lizy and Festers’ scenes. Some of the later shots in the video were taken at busy junctions in the town centre, so if you live around the Newton Abbot area, look out for yourself passing by.

The band chose band’s decision to shoot the video in black and white adds great poignancy to the images. The feeling of waiting is made palpable through the timeless quality inherent in the black and white imagery, as though Lizy could have been sat alone on those steps forever. Any trace of gloom is erased by the scenes of Fester, which have an unmistakably reggae/ska vibe.

The melancholy, hurt and longing expressed through the lyrics, is fantastically balanced by the bands uncontainable energy and fun-loving natures. It was hard for anyone to contain their smiles with Mike’s antics – dancing around in the background when the scenes were being shot – even when filming in the pouring rain.

The video for waiting is the first collaboration between The Reggaskas and cinematic director Luke Jeffery of Wandering Tiger. The pairing came about through a fortuitous meeting whilst out walking their dogs. They got chatting about music and things progressed from there. The results are fantastic, and can be seen below. Hopefully, this will be the first of many projects that they work on together; a lot of fun was certainly had by all.

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