Balls to Cancer

Let's say Balls to Cancer

This June, west country reggae and ska stalwarts, The Reggaskas, are teaming up with cancer freedom fighters ‘Balls to Cancer’ to release The Reggaskas new track “Who’s the Daddy” just in time for Father’s Day.

Balls to Cancer focuses on raising awareness of testicular cancer and those affected by it both in the UK and internationally.

With testicular cancer being one of the most prevalent male cancers and, unlike most, affecting younger men far more than the over 50s, Balls to Cancer aims to reduce numbers of afflicted men through proactive prevention and education.

Living up to their name, they firmly say “Balls” to cancer by proactively seeking to minimise its effects and raising money to help find a cure.

They effectively utilise social media and more traditional methods of getting word around and aim to highlight the dangers of cancer and educate men as to how to recognise the signs.

What’s more, Balls to Cancer aims to provide a male only point of contact for men of all ages either suffering from, or requiring advice and support, about testicular cancer. They are also seeking to make the topic of testicular cancer as socially acceptable as breast cancer to enable teenage boys to ask for help and spot early warning signs.

Testicular cancer is one of the most curable cancers if caught early but, with six men every day in the UK being diagnosed, it is vital that research projects and hospitals are supported.

With great challenges ahead, Balls to Cancer and The Reggaskas are releasing “Who’s the Daddy?” to promote their charitable activities and raise money for a most worthy of worthy causes. The song is perfectly in tune with the Father’s Day theme and touches on the supporting role of fathers and father-figures, whilst retaining a cheeky relaxed vibe and a melody that is unique to The Reggaskas’ sound.

With a full brass compliment to accompany the traditional five piece set-up, The Reggaskas influences come to the fore with a superb reggae-ska fusion. Making full use of the great vocal range of singer Lizy alongside the musical talents of Mike and brother ‘Fester’, as well as Rachel, Chris, Simon, Dave and Paul, this is a Reggaskas’ original having been penned by Mike out of respect for his dad.

Both Balls to Cancer and The Reggaskas play an active role on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+, ensuring there are plenty of opportunities to listen to “Who’s the Daddy” and get involved in any number of charitable activities.

Not only this, but “Who’s the Daddy” is available on iTunes and any extra donations can be made on the Balls to Cancer website or by following the link from The Reggaskas website.

So this Father’s Day whip up a storm and dance and skank ‘til your pants fall down to The Reggaskas brand new track “Who’s the Daddy”, released in collaboration with Balls to Cancer

..and together we can show cancer who the daddy is.

Written by Alex Coombes

Now Available for download from all online stores including iTune.

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