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Let Yourself Go

Be As One

Ten Plus Crazy

Lazy Sunday

On a mission

This song is about becoming a better person and learning from your mistakes. Everybody has their own mission in life but it’s only you that can change the roads you want to head down. Be honest with yourself and everybody around you. Make the right decision and get on your own mission.


We all love a festival! This one’s written about the memorable fun times you have and that the perfect moment in time which will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Mr Trumpet

A feel-good song based on ‘Fester’, the trumpet player from the Reggaskas. The sound of his trumpet just makes you want to dance.

Monocle of life

We are all affected by the media, telling us what we should look like and what we should be doing. This song is about people seeing life with a single view (through a monocle!), and then opening your eyes and mind, and seeing that being different is the best way to be.


This song is about meeting that ‘sexy’ person in your life. From that first moment where your eyes meet, to the passion that grows between two people.

Long way home

This song is about taking a different road home, which can lead you to new adventures. Based on a real event in Spain where three brothers, under the influence of alcohol, made their way home but totally heading in a different direction.. Eight hours later they made it home, all three having had many experiences to talk about. If you fancy a quick pint on your way home you never know what the outcome will be!

A good day

This song is about starting your day off feeling sad and in just one moment it can change into a good day. Written in a minor key to give that sad feeling, but with positive lyrics giving it that feel-good vibe.


‘Waiting’ tells the story of someone stuck in limbo, holding on to an inextinguishable hope that the one they love still cares for them.

Who's the daddy

Mike and Steve Bourne, owe much of their appreciation of music to one man: their father. He taught them how powerful music can be, always believing that music can make people smile – no matter how hard times get. Who’s the Daddy is a feel-good tribute to their father.

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