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Founded in 2014, The Reggaskas unique band with a ska/reggae vibe

The Reggaskas have a unique but cheeky ska/reggae vibe. Founded in 2014 by brothers Mike and Steve (Fester), the Reggaskas originate from Devon in the UK. The brothers grew up listening to reggae and ska, and these genres are the main influences behind the band’s unique sound.

As the brothers started to produce their own tracks, a natural collaboration began to form between them and friends who shared their passion for the music and creative spark. The band’s final lineup consists of seven talented musicians who create a classy modern sound with unique overtones of reggae and ska. Band members are: Lizy is the lead singer, Fester (Steve) plays the Trumpet, Mike plays Saxophone and Melodica, Chris on Guitar, Simon on Keyboard, Dave on Bass Guitar and Harry on Drums.

The name of the band can be broken down into three main elements: REGG comes from reggae and denotes the reggae influence that can be heard in every downstroke of the guitar on the band’s tracks. The ‘A’ links the two strokes and represents the word ‘And’ as it is used to count musical beats – think “1 & 2 & 3 & 4.” SKA denotes the other major influence that can be heard in the upstrokes – the traditional and 2-tone ska that has inspired much of the Reggaska’s music.

Major musical influences of the Reggaskas include The Specials, Too Hot, Augustus Pablo, and Madness, as well as more recent offerings from the Simmertones and the Skints. Some of the Reggaskas band members previously supported groups like The Specials and the Skints on tour.

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This Album is a joinery of songs. Song on the album are:
| A Good Day | Monocle of Life | Let yourself Go | Who’s the Daddy | Long way home | Waiting | Be as One | Ten Plus Crazy | On a Mission | Sexy | Lazy Sunday | Mr Trumpet | Festival |

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