Rozie Bond

Rozie is the singer for the Reggaskas

Life and career:

Singing in choirs since she was 4, Rozie learnt to play the bassoon aged 11 and was the lead singer in a trio called PolkaDot Fish by the age of 12. Joined Babbacombe Theatre at 14 as a lead female vocalist and was with them for 2 years. Upon leaving school, studied Performing Arts at Coombeshead College spurring her on to follow a career as a fitness instructor, enabling her to combine her different passions by motivating large groups of people through exercise to music.

Currently the co-founder and lead singer of the band, Chaotica!.

A songwriter passionate about music and lyrics.

Teaching fitness has given her excellent stage and performance skills and the stamina needed to front a large, lively Ska band.

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5th September 2020

Bark in the Park Festival


12th April 2020

The White Hart


7th February 2020

Specialive Southampton


1st August 2020

Old Firehouse Exeter


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