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Waiting – Reggaskas Music VideoWaiting – Reggaskas Music Video

Waiting – Reggaskas Music Video

Waiting is a deeply moving ensemble, featuring the haunting vocals of Lizy, set against a backdrop of Fester’s evocative trumpet chords, and a funky reggae beat typical of the band. The lyrics take you to a place we have all been at some point in our lives: waiting in Limbo for someone to call, longing for any little sign to let you know they care. You keep on believing they will be in touch. Even though you friends and your rational mind tell you that you should forget about them and move on, your breaking heart can’t let go.

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Who’s the daddyWho’s the daddy in Torbay, Exeter, Devon
WaitingWaiting in Torbay, Exeter, Devon
A good dayA good day in Torbay, Exeter, Devon
Long way homeLong way home in Torbay, Exeter, Devon
SexySexy in Torbay, Exeter, Devon
Monocle of lifeMonocle of life in Torbay, Exeter, Devon

Reggaskas - Top 10 ska and reggae band from the UK, The Greatest Ska Bands of All Time. Written original songs. Bands in Exeter, Plymouth, Torquay, Newton Abbot, Teigmouth, Totnes, Truro, Devon, Cornwall. mp3 download for the Reggaskas shop.